Page 2: Momentum

Good morning 2o9ers,

First and foremost, thank you. The energy we’ve received from your responses to our intentions and vision have been incredible. Realizing that the majority of our followers are actually from the beautiful 209 area, illustrated the deep passion and yearning for this type of community project. Growing up in Merced myself, it was difficulty finding consistent places to play the game I love, without jumping over fences and being kicked out by local authorities. But, we made it happen one way or the other. This beautiful game of soccer has truly given me countless blessings, in the form of life education and relationships which have stood the test of time. I have former teammates who are now considered brothers, I have built relationships with community members in my pre-teens which have lasted till this day. Creating local projects, such as small-sided soccer fields, also creates an opportunity for youth to begin building those key relationships, which will help them tremendously in the future. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 


“From nothing, to something, to everything.”